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Flavours and scents, everything here underscores authenticity.

First comes a soft fragrance, in which the scents of wood mingle with the smell of fresh milled buckwheat and work.

Then, deep at the heart of the 100 years old building, the rhythmic sound of the millstones, slowly grinding the coarse and proud grain, forcing it, more each round, to deliver its richest and most secret flavours.
Now open your eyes; everything here, from time to space, is invaded by a white serenity that recovers each thing with a thin white layer: Flour, the Queen of the place.
Taste it, for it will delight you with a mouthful of the unique and authentic pleasures of recaptured flavours, patiently crafted for you by our Master-miller.
The subtle flavour of our flour, only time, patience, love, and respect for the ancient craft of milling have the power to draw them from the very heart of this rustic-looking grain.
Cautious buckwheat selection, millstone cutting and dressing, flour bagging: The hand of man is everywhere, constantly and rigorously seeing to the respect of quality and tradition.

Our Buckwheat Flour range

  • “PGI”*  (Protected Geographical Indication) logo-igp Black Wheat Flour from Brittany”
  • Organic logo-ab-france “PGI”* (Protected Geographical Indication) logo-igp Black Wheat Flour from Brittany
  • French Buckwheat Flour
  • Organic French Buckwheat Flour* logo-ab-france
  • Flour imported from various places
  • NEW! French Buckwheat Flour from biodynamic agriculture

*certified by CERTIPAQ


  • Conditioning: 25Kg or 10Kg bags to order, 1kg sachets in 10 units parcels.
  • Our carrier and we take care of delivery. Message contact service provided.
  • Taking away is possible at the Mill in Vitré.
  • France and international shipping.