Au moulin de la Fatigue,
a rare and authentic know-how,
true witness of the living heritage.

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The Taste of History

Created around 1870, the Moulin de la Fatigue has lived through time.
The efficient working tool and the know-how have been passed on from one generation to the next: From animal-driven energy to wood-fired boiler, then only concession to modernity with the apparition of the electric engine around 1900, the energy passes by the pulleys and belts over the three floors of the mill.
Today just like yesterday, the Moulin de la Fatigue team carries on everyday the traditional gestures of this ancient craft, thus making a buckwheat seed a product full of flavours and history.

The Taste of Craftsmanship

Old-timer as essential staple food in rural areas, “Black Wheat” or Buckwheat is part of Brittany’s cultural heritage.
Also, the respect of an ancient craft ensures the authenticity of a preserved tradition. The Moulin de la Fatigue has firmly chosen the quality. The hand of Man is present at every stage: Thanks to his experience and constant adjustments, the Master-Miller always sees to the respect of traditions and quality, elements of our culinary heritage.
Thus, the ancient method of the mill ensures a perfect conservation of the Flour freshness and flavour. A real traditional product, requiring human qualities in which passion and art mix. Man becomes “Master” of his art. He is Master-Miller.

The Taste of Authenticity

This extraordinarily richness in terms of nutrition and taste, associated with the miller’s craft, takes you to the discovery of the buckwheat authentic flavour.
The buckwheat flour subtle flavour is the result of a complex, ancient, and rustic making process.
It starts with the puller, the destoner, and the dusting brushes for the cleaning. The cleaned grain comes then crushing under the millstones, big flint stones, fierce and strong from the original years. As the smell of freshly milled buckwheat awakens our senses, the milled grain makes his way towards the reel, fundamental sieving system that braved the damages of time and survived through the years. A part of the reeled grain called “The Whites” (heart of buckwheat) is selected and constitutes one of the first elements of the final product.
Whereas the other part, carried by the bucket chains, gets crushed again under the great flint millstones and continues its way, from one floor to the other, towards the second reel. The sieved grain that comes out of it constitutes the second element of the final product.
The blend of these two elements that came out of both reels gives birth to the buckwheat flour, timeless product in a modern world.
The strong buckwheat aroma and the fragrances of wood, leather, and flint stone, all of these noble mill products give its richness and strength to the flour of the Moulin de la Fatigue.
With his experience, the miller perfectly knows how to extract the quintessence of the buckwheat grain and gives you back a unique flavour.